Time for a Change? Factors to consider to land your dream job during the pandemic

Are you itching for a job change? Perhaps it’s something you’ve thought about but never entertained – and whether you want to face it, or not ­­– the market is booming with job opportunities. With more than a third of the Australian workers looking for their next job opportunity – you’d be silly not to consider it.  

The lockdown has forced us to evaluate our lives in more ways than one.  According to the Career Report, 80% of us are rethinking our main career motivators. Whether it’s managing Zoom calls and screaming kids in the background or our demanding fur babies, it’s clear – compulsory work-from-office standards are no longer the norm. It’s up to bosses around the globe to conduct effective workplaces in the event of future lockdowns (hello Melbourne).

Amid the pandemic, the abrupt change to a WFH model put flexible workplaces at the top of employees’ agendas. Whilst many companies such as Facebook are now fully remote, many businesses are moving towards a hybrid WFH, WFO model.

For many workers like those with small kids, the new WFH has proven to be a huge relief for those wanting a more balanced work and family life. For others, it’s been a real distraction. Regardless, we arrive at our first major consideration when thinking about a job move:


Is your current work flexible to the possibility of adopting a WFH/WFO model? Are you more productive when working remotely? Do you require daily interaction with your colleagues – to bounce ideas and reach genius solutions?  Do you have the right work and life balance at this point in your career? If your current work is not adapting to the evolving work culture, post-COVID, it might be time to make a move.


You’ve been in a senior position at your company for many years and it’s begun to feel a lot like the same job you were doing a year ago. You start to wonder if you’ve already met your work challenges. We all benefit from professional development – particularly for high-achieving executives. Are you learning from your colleagues? Have you considered working at a larger company with more senior colleagues like yourself? Changing your job might just put a much-needed refresh on your professional motivations and passions.  


Salary is always a factor when considering a position – and despite the global recession, a booming job market is an exciting place for job seekers. Despite record low salary increases in Australia this year, 58% of employers working in the marketing and digital industries plan to offer their staff a salary increase.  Specifically, entry-level and director-level salaries remain stable while the competition for middle-level positions is rife. Don’t be afraid to request a higher salary to accompany your job change. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to accept a slightly lower salary if you are getting all the right perks: maybe the pinball machine and the Friday afternoon drinks are more appealing.

No regrets

It’s safe to say you’re comfortably complacent. You don’t want to look back and think, I should have taken the plunge and didn’t. Take a risk. If it doesn’t work out, you’ve still got your current job. There’s a reason why recruiters propose confidential conversations – they’re confidential (go figure!). If there’s an area of work making you feel unfulfilled, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, collate a few job descriptions similar to your own. Highlight the role responsibilities that interest you and see how they differ from those in your current role. Trust in the process and pursue all possibilities – after all, you’ve got to do what makes you happy.

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