Spruce Up Your Home Office For Sky-high Productivity

COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of everyday life. From socialising, shopping, exercising and work – the new norm is staying at home.

We caught up with Interior designer, Aoife Tobin, on ways to spruce up your home office so you can keep your work productivity up!


Make sure that you are using good lighting that resembles regular daylight. In our usual commercial offices, we work under good lighting conditions. This not only keeps us alert but also stops our eyes from straining when reading small print. So, when working from home try and use a good table lamp, good overhead ceiling light, and if possible, set yourself up near a window.


People tend to find it hard to remove themselves from “work mode” as there is no distinction between their physical office and their home. It is not good for your productivity to be looking at your work, day and night. This can be avoided by having a particular area in your home that is for work only. But not all of us have the luxury of having a particular workstation or being able to put work away at night time. If this is the case, make sure your desk is tidy when you are finished with work. This will tell your brain that it is time to clock off and that you will be super refreshed for the next workday. 

A good chair will be your saviour

Office furniture companies like Knoll and Humanscale are popular for one reason: ergonomics are so important. A proper office chair will not only help with posture but also your productivity throughout the day.


Keeping your desk clean and organised will not only keep everyone else in the house happy but also your mind clear and ready to focus. Many people find it hard to stick to a schedule when working from home. Having an organised work zone is a great start. Get some storage boxes and stationery organisers to glam up your workstation and keep your head clear. 

Working with the senses

When working from home, plants, in my opinion, are one of the most important interior additions. Most people will complain about being more lethargic when working from home. This is because we are moving around less – there is no morning commute or coffee run to worry about. So having plants will not only give you a feeling of freshness but they will increase your oxygen levels which will help with concentration, alertness and mental clarity. Perfect for a good work environment. 

One little interior perk of working from home and not in a commercial office is the possibility of using candles in your workspace. Most commercial offices won’t allow you to light candles however, at home, you can. This is a sure way to create a calmer and more enjoyable workspace. Candles are a great way to soothe our senses. They are known for their healing properties and creating a calming and peaceful ambience. This is fabulous for home offices. For the daytime, citrus and linen fragrances are best for a super fresh feel.



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