Our centers of functional expertise deliver end-to-end solutions that put the right people and strategies in place to build strong corporate cultures and ensure bottom-line results.

There is no more powerful combination — or one more fundamental to the success of any enterprise — than the successful partnership between a CEO and a strong, independent board that can provide oversight and serve as both advisor and strategic arsenal.

We provide a full range of CEO solutions rooted in current research and experience-based best practices. Our CEO Search and succession planning services identify the ideal profile for organizational strategy. We then assess quality candidates and benchmark them against best-in-class CEOs using proprietary research on traits that correlate with success. This allows us to identify both near-term CEOs who align with strategic objectives, and longer-term prospects for internal succession.

Critical to the success of the CEO and the organization is a board of directors with the competencies and intellectual capital to address the toughest strategic and operational challenges. We provide a full range of Board services including recruitment; evaluation and enhancement of current board competencies; effectiveness of makeup, oversight, and culture; strategic alignment; compensation benchmarking; and eventually succession. We work closely with boards to understand strategy, culture, and composition, then partner with our colleagues with deep industry expertise – including diversity, cyber, technology, and finance – to identify the ideal mix of candidates.

When built effectively and run efficiently, corporate boards are a strategic asset and a source of continuous competitive advantage. And when paired with a smart, forward-thinking CEO who communicates well, manages people and understands and facilitates corporate strategy, the combination is unstoppable.

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