Post-grad plans? The DNA Talent Team can find the right role for you

Getting in touch with the right recruiter towards the end of your studies is crucial in lining up a job after graduation. At this stage, you’ll likely know where you’re headed in your career, especially if you’ve just splashed out on a Master’s degree. Alternatively, you might feel a little lost when it comes to deciding on a future career. Regardless of how many years you’ve spent with your head in a book, it’s unlikely that you would have considered the job market in detail.

Sometimes, a brief chat about one’s skills and experience can lead them towards their specialised career. At DNA talent, we work with engineering and technology companies, that offer lucrative, exciting roles to the right candidates. We advise candidates to get in touch with us towards the end of their degree. That way, we can keep an eye out for you once the right role comes up. Our approach is this: every person (and business) has their own unique DNA and it’s our responsibility to match the right candidate with the right business. Whether it’s a gap in company expertise or a need to fill an entirely new position, we manage the expectations of both parties. On a basic level, working with a specialist recruiter allows you to invest more time into your job search – think of it as having an extra pair of eyes. Recruiters have the industry connections you need to progress from applicant to employee.

While unemployment has been a problem since COVID, the unemployment rate in Australia has finally declined by 5.1%. We now have 66.2% of Aussies employed – a fantastic result after a health and financial pandemic. Similarly, you only need to hit the search button on LinkedIn or Seek to view the thousands of vacancies per industry. The plethora of job choices is a result of employers (and employees) wanting the best possible outcomes for themselves and their businesses. This is where a good recruiter can make a world of difference as they can vouch for you, provide industry insights on the market, and align you with the right business.

Get in touch with the DNA Talent team today. We look forward to discussing any job opportunities in the technology and engineering sectors, we believe would be a good fit for you.


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