Perks of working from home

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Work from home

With COVID-19 being the only relevant conversation topic of 2020, everyone’s adjusting to this new #workingfromhome lifestyle.

With that, our LinkedIn newsfeeds have been filled with helpful suggestions and tips on how to conquer our new work surroundings. While this is all very useful, we’re in the mood for some positivity amidst all of the gloomy posts, and focusing on the great things about working from home! The reality of it is no matter where you’re working from, you’re still working.


Say goodbye to stuffy shirts and ties!

Whip out the comfy leggings or your (should have thrown them out years ago) favourite tracksuit bottoms. The classic shirt and sweatpants combo has never been more fitting than when you log into your morning zoom meeting. 

Ohhh those morning commute vibes

Yep, your morning commute now consists of getting from bed to the kitchen, or wherever you set up for the day. Bed to bed? We’re not here to judge.

Saving those dolla bills

Working from home means not spending money on public transport, lunch or those 2 or 3 coffees you buy every day from the expensive little cafe beside the office. 

No conference room? No problem

You know that fight to get the last free conference room to make your call? You don’t need to do that now, you can pick any room in your home!

Sorry we missed you” no more!

Have a parcel you’re eagerly waiting for? Do a little happy dance as you never miss a postal delivery again! Its the small things, but hey if COVID-19 has thought us anything? Appreciate them!

No more shared music playlists

Abba? Disney? Metallica? Whatever your fancy, you’re the dj when it comes to playing the work tunes in your new home office.

DNA recommends…whatever you wear, make sure to always get changed out of your pyjamas. We know how tempting it can be to stay in your warm, fluffy polka dot print ensemble, but we associate them with sleep, not work. So get up, dress up, show up!

(It also means if you get a random off the cuff video call, you’re ready to go!)

As tempting as it is to open your laptop in bed, getting out of bed improves your levels of productivity heaps! Your comfy sitting room couch is a good alternative and compromise.

When you are making or logging into a call, make sure to try and get a room with little or no noise – it makes it easier for you and your co-workers!

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