LinkedIn’s Top Five Specialised Engineering Roles in 2021

LinkedIn’s Top Five Specialised Engineering Roles in 2021

Among the enormous demand for health care workers during the pandemic, there has been
a surge in demand for specialised engineering talent. If our health care workers are looking
after the ill, we need engineers to drive technological solutions, whether it’s in health care
or elsewhere. More time spent at home during the pandemic has meant more time
accessing and relying on technology. We run through LinkedIn’s top five specialised
engineering roles, based on a month-on-month increase per job listing.

1. Software Engineer
This year has seen a 95% increase in demand for Software Engineers (or Software
Developers) this year. As these engineers work online, many software developers work
remotely, meaning their schedule is flexible and desirable to employees and employers,
happy to save on costs. The average Software Engineer salary in Australia sits between $79-
140k, an attractive option for employees with IT backgrounds.

2. Javascript Developer
Javascript developers differ from Software Developers based on their technical focus on the
front end of websites. Developers specialise not only in JavaScript, but Typescript and
CoffeeScript as well. A Slash Data Survey reported that 1.4 million Javascript developers
were hired around the globe in the last six months. According to Salary Expert, average
Javascript Developer salaries in Australia range from $128- 159k.

3. DevOps Engineer
Many businesses are opting for a hybrid or fully remote ‘work from home model’ (WFH)
which means they need DevOps Engineers to support their digital transition. Companies like
Facebook have fully embraced the WFH model, offering their employees full-time remote
work. According to Payscale, DevOps Engineers in Australia earn an average salary of $102-

4. Solutions Engineer
The demand for Solutions Engineers has increased by 95% from April to May 2021.
Increasing demand for computer hardware and software has put Solutions Engineers at the
forefront of the tech industry. More companies are seeing the necessity of hiring a Solutions
Engineer who can bridge the gap between production and experience by selling products to
consumers. Payscale reports that the average salary for a Solutions Engineer in Australia is
$92- 170k.

5. Automation Test Analyst
The need for Automation Test Analysts has increased by 90% between April and May 2021.
DevOps Engineers rely on Automation Test Analysts to schedule tests and keep operations
moving. Hiring a skilled Automation Test Analyst is now essential for tech companies looking

to advance their methods and tools to optimise their projects. Salary Export reports the
average salary for this position in Australia sits between $103-127k.
While specialised engineering roles were in demand before COVID, these opportunities have
proliferated during the pandemic. Specialised engineering roles offer attractive salaries and
flexible work conditions. Perhaps one of these opportunities will allow you to flex your
specialised engineering skills.


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