I got my work hours reduced. How to face it?

Let’s be honest! This pandemic has put our world upside – down. We are immersed in an avalanche of changes in every angle of our lives. One unexpected is the working hour’s reduction, but you are not alone, as you, 3 million* Australians have faced this bitter moment and wondered: what will come now?

The impact is notorious, and the big issue for most employers is staff costs. Although many corporates have built a team of talented workers over the years and the last alternative is letting them go, they up to apply the tactic of pay cuts hand in hand with the decrease of working hours. It is seen by business owners as the best choice to ‘survive’ financially instead of redundancies. 

When you have received this news, knowing that you have given your loyalty and hard work to the company many questions come across to your mind. Moreover, it is not a simple thing to add to the virus crisis, but let’s have a look at how to deal with this. 

Mental health: After doing research, The Medical Journal of Australia found that 25% of the people surveyed have experienced symptoms of depression due to Covid – 19. To tackle this battle that could lead to financial stress and uncertainty visit your GP who will set up a mental support plan.  

Know your rights: Be sure you were informed in writing; therefore, it needs an employee’s agreement. If you accept this adjustment to your contract, have a look at the workload and change of duties. Get more informed reading the Fair Work OMBUDSMAN website. 

Open yourself to new options: What a moment to be assertive, evaluate your skills and the experience you have gained to search for new work positions. Go to your Linkedin, update your profile and connect with the DNA Talent team. Here is where your new professional journey starts. 

Planning under a new budget: Your pocket is affected, so it is time to sit down and write your priorities, set up a specific calendar, and stick to it. It might is not an easy task for some of us but crisis teaches us opportunities. 

*Survey results by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.



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