The role of the general counsel and chief compliance officer has been dramatically redefined. As companies grow and expand, the complexity of the legal function increases exponentially. Risk management, global regulations across industries, and the complexity of managing intellectual property in a technology-enabled world are just a few of the pressures and responsibilities faced by today’s legal executives. Organizations require proven experts who think strategically and act proactively to protect the organization and respond to opportunities. In addition, legal executives must assume the role of “company conscience,” leveraging the law to full advantage without sacrificing corporate ethics and integrity.

As companies grow and expand, the complexity of their legal functions increases exponentially.

DNA’s Legal Center of Expertise focuses on helping corporations, associations, nonprofits, and professional services firms attract, develop, and retain best-in-class general counsel, chief compliance officers, and other legal professionals. We help these organizations identify world-class legal leaders who will serve their organizations as strategic business partners, possessing and providing multifaceted leadership skills. We build organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities to help onboard, develop, and retain exceptional professionals and teams. And we develop strategies that support them as they protect their organizations from challenge and seize the opportunities presented by today’s evolving economy.